January 19-21, 2009  Dawson City and Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
and Vancouver, British Columbia

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Monday January 19 I was supposed to fly to Whitehorse. There were low clouds, temperatures above freezing, and light rain that turned to ice on the colder ground. Air North would not land in Dawson City that day.
The next regularly scheduled flight would have been Wednesday January 21. However there was an empty chartered plane to be flown from Old Crow to Whitehorse Tuesday January 20. They rescheduled the Monday Dawson-to-Whitehorse passengers for that Tuesday flight.
By Tuesday evening Whitehorse was getting light rain and temperatures above freezing.
Wednesday January 21 I flew from Whitehorse to Boise via Vancouver and Seattle. By Wednesday morning Whitehorse was returning to normal, with snow replacing rain..

The Old Post Office at Third Avenue and King Street, Dawson City

Iceskating arena and Nora's Kitchen, Dawson City

Second Avenue, Dawson City, with gravel on the icy road

Queen Street, Dawson City

January 19, 2009, walking (very carefully on the ice) in the abnormally warm weather for Dawson City

Dawson City Airport, boarding the Air North Hawker Siddeley 748 bound for Whitehorse

McDonald's, Whitehorse

Vancouver International Airport, boarding the Air Canada Jazz Bombardier Dash 8-305 bound for Seattle

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