January 14, 2009  Dawson City and Old Crow, Yukon Territory,
 Inuvik, Northwest Territories

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January 14 I flew from Whitehorse to Inuvik on Air North.  Passengers deplane and reboard at stops in Dawson City and Old Crow.

Dawson City Airport.  I will see more of Dawson City later in the trip.

Old Crow Airport.  Old Crow is the Yukon's only village north of the arctic circle.

Old Crow Airport

Old Crow Airport

Middle Channel of the Mackenzie River, Northwest Territories, seen from the approach to Inuvik

Mike Zubko Airport, Inuvik, Northwest Territories

Mike Zubko Airport, Inuvik, Northwest Territories

Nova Inn, where I stayed in Inuvik

Finto Lodge, which has gone out of business

Arctic Nature Tours, Inuvik

Inuvik Regional Hospital

Western Arctic Regional Visitor Centre

Capital Suites, Inuvik

Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church (the "Igloo Church")

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