November 2010 Alaska trip of Martin Jay Grumet

Here are photographs from my November 2010 trip to Alaska.  November 14, 2010 I flew from Boise to Barrow (via Seattle, Anchorage, and Fairbanks).  November 18, 2010 I flew from Barrow to Fairbanks with a plane change in Anchorage.  I returned to Boise November 20, 2010.

All photographs were taken with a Nikon D90 digital single lens reflex camera.  Most were taken with an AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX.  For a few I used an AF-S NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR, and a Sigma 24mm f2.8.  I used a Lowepro TLZ 2 case and chemical handwarmer heat packs. I made a lot of use of a Manfrotto 7302YB tripod that fits in my medium size pack. For one I used a Flashpoint Compact 8-section Tripod that fits in my parka pocket.

Clicking on the 500 pixel photos will bring up a version that is 2000 pixels long.

Sunday November 14, 2010

Horizon 2269 from Boise arrives at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

Stepping out for a break between flights at Fairbanks International Airport before taking Alaska 51 to Barrow.

Monday November 15, 2010

King Eider Inn, where I stayed in Barrow this trip

Seen through chain link fence, Alaska 55 arrives in Barrow from Prudhoe Bay. From here it heads down to Anchorage.
This is a Boeing 737-400 Combi, with cargo section in front.

Shogun Teriyaki House, on Ahkovak Street and Takpuk Street. It is next to King Eider Inn.
Open for lunch and dinner, but not breakfast.

Piuraaġvik [place to play] Recreation Center

Barrow City Hall

Fred Ipalook Elementary School

Electrically heated water and sewer pipes along Ahkovak Street and Isatkoak Lagoon

Alaska Commercial Value Center supermarket, Browerville.
Browerville is a neighborhood separated from downtown by the adjoining Isatkoak and Tasigarook Lagoons.

Iḷisaġvik [place to learn] College. It is close to the BASC [formerly NARL] research center.
They are between Middle Salt Lagoon and Imikpuk Lake, several miles from downtown Barrow.
There is a shuttle van ($5 each way) that runs from Browerville.

Bowhead whale skull by Iḷisaġvik College

Iḷisaġvik College

On the Arctic Ocean [technically the Chukchi Sea] near Iḷisaġvik College with BASC in background.
This is a very shallow section, but this is not a good time of year to go much further onto the ice.

The BASC [Barrow Arctic Science Consortium], formerly the NARL [Navy Arctic Research Lab]

The Northern Lights Restaurant on Herman Street, Browerville

Parkas at the AC Value Center that were locally made or modified.
The large fur ruffs trap a zone of warm air.

Tuesday November 16, 2010

A view of the Alaska Airlines terminal, Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport, Ahkovak Street,
seen from in front of the King Eider Inn

Direction sign at Ahkovak Street and Momeganna Street,looking approximately north.
Distances on the sign are probably correct, but some directions are way off.
Behind it is the Will Rogers and Wiley Post Memorial, and further back the Airport Inn.

Bingo hall on Stevenson Street

Whalebone arch by the Arctic Ocean at Browerville

By the edge of the ocean near the Whalebone arch. Here you can see the ice is broken.
Some chunks of ice that I am standing on have been pushed ashore by the force of sea currents on the ice plates.

The sea ice forms in plates that often crash together, creating a lot of clutter.
On the northern horizon they have formed a pretty good hill of ice, seen in this 300mm shot.
This is about what the eye would see through 9x binoculars.

The [almost] midday sun, from Brower Street looking south across Isatkoak Lagoon to Takpuk Street.
It is 1:07pm AKST. Transit is at 1:12pm. This 300mm shot shows the foreground very underexposed.
To the left is the silhouette of Barrow High School, and to the right Shogun Teriyaki House.
At the end of Takpuk Street, ¾ miles away, is Ahkovak Street, and beyond that is the airport runway.

View of the whalebone arch and entrance to Brower's Cafe, American and Korean food.

Playground near downtown Barrow from Eben Hopson Street

Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital

Osaka Restaurant on Stevenson Street near Agvik Street, Arctic Ocean in background.
They open early and serve breakfast. The Sapporo Beer logo is for decoration.  There is no beer served.

Agvik Street near Stevenson Street. Arctic Ocean in background.
Top of the World Hotel and Pepe's North of the Border (which also opens early).

Looking east northeast across Ahkovak Street to the King Eider Inn,
the waxing gibbous moon is seen skimming above the horizon.

Wednesday November 17, 2010

Pepe's North of the Border Mexican restaurant
The rectangular plaque, upper left, is from owner Fran Tate's trip to Rio de Janeiro.

View of the North Slope Police Department on Agvik Street from Pepe's.
Temperature was mild, but wind was high that day. They closed schools and canceled morning flights.
My Barrow-Fairbanks ticket was for Thursday anyway.

Iñupiat Cleaners, Stevenson Street.
Most Alaskans are wearing blue jeans. I'm the oddball in my heavy wool pants.

Arctic Pizza, Apayauk Street

Will Rogers and Wiley Post Memorial.
In the windblown snow I'm wearing my synthetic hat instead of the beaver fur.

Barrow High School on Takpuk Street and Okpik Street

Thursday November 18, 2010

In the lobby of the King Eider Inn

Bruce, owner of the Osaka Restaurant

Alaska Airlines terminal, Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport.

Alaska 55 boards in Barrow bound for Anchorage. My Manfrotto tripod is in my checked baggage.
10:58am AKST, it is morning twilight, and I used the Flashpoint tripod for this shot.
This is a full passenger 737-400 to accommodate the backlog from Wednesday's blizzard.

At Anchorage the jetway malfunctioned, and we used the rear exit. Wow, so much sunshine this far south!

Fairbanks International Airport
The fading afternoon light is matching the indoor light intensity, but of course to the camera the white balance is different.

Fairbanks International Airport with my rental car

Friday November 19, 2010

Another stay at the Ranch Motel on South Cushman Street. It is not plush, but it is very clean.

The Home Town Family Restaurant next to the Ranch Motel

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (Is it coincidence the Big Dipper Ice Arena is only two blocks away?)

Ivory Jack's on Goldstream Road northwest of Fairbanks

Mount Aurora Skiland. The entrance is about ten miles past Fox on the Steese Highway, near Cleary Summit.
From the entrance to the lift would have been impossible with a front wheel drive compact car.

Mount Aurora Skiland was closed that day. There were people out trimming the brush.

Mount Aurora Skiland

Felix Pedro Monument, about 5 miles past Fox on the Steese Highway.
Felice Pedroni a.k.a Felix Pedro discovered gold here in 1902.
He died in 1910, officially of a heart attack. It has been alleged his wife poisoned him.

North Pole plaza, about 15 miles east southeast of Fairbanks on the Richardson Highway

Pagoda Chinese Restaurant, North Pole, seen from the Santa Claus Lane exit of the Richardson Highway

Santa Claus House on St. Nicholas Drive, North Pole.

Santa Claus House

Santa Claus House

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