January 8, 2007  Parks Hwy, Fairbanks, and Fox, Alaska

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Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn along the George Parks Highway between Ester and Nenana

Railroad Station, Nenana, with waning gibbous moon in left background

Alaska Native Veterans Honor Bridge, George Parks Highway, over Tanana River, Nenana

Watch tower and tripod for Nenama Ice Classic.
The tripod will be placed on the Tanana River in February.
The Ice Classic is a betting pool on the time and date the ice will break up.

St. Mark's Mission, Nenana

Looking north on George Parks Highway, Nenana

Icebow to the left of the sun, seen from northbound George Parks Highway between Nenana and Ester.
With exposure set to capture the sky, the snow-covered spruce forest is underexposed in this photo.

Malemute Saloon, Ester Gold Camp.
Unlike the poem by Robert W. Service, these days the boys only whoop it up here during tourist season.
Malemute Saloon is closed in the winter.

Ester Gold Camp

Temperature display, Fairbanks International Airport

Cushman Street Bridge over Chena River, Church of the Immaculate Conception, Fairbanks

Monument near visitor's center, Fairbanks

Ice sculpture by visitor's center, Fairbanks

Aurora borealis, seen from Steese Highway, Fox

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