January 6, 2007  Fairbanks, Alaska

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Temperature display, Fairbanks International Airport

Date-Line Digital Printing, Fairbanks, where I could use a computer for $12/hour

After the frame of my glasses broke in Barrow,
I got a new frame that fit my old lenses at Image Optical, Fairbanks.

My first view of direct sunlight, Fairbanks.
Ravens were the only wildlife I saw on this Alaska trip.

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital

Big Dipper Ice Arena, Fairbanks

Ranch Motel, S. Cushman Street, where I stayed during this Fairbanks segment.

El Sombrero and Drop Inn Cafe, S. Cushman Street, Fairbanks

Prospector Outfitters, S. Cushman Street, Fairbanks, where I bought a new fleece balaclava

Chena River, Fairbanks

Chena River, Fairbanks

Big Dipper Ice Arena, Fairbanks

New balaclava and glasses frames, Fairbanks

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